Talent Services

  1. Staffing Services

Our services and solutions are delivered to optimize our clients’ effectiveness through the proper blend of internal staff, external consulting and project outsourcing. Our staff augmentation services enable our clients in getting qualified and experienced consultants to suit their requirements Consultants can be made available for short-term and/or long-term assignments and many clients find this a convenient way to keep projects on track and within budget so that their mission-critical goals can be accomplished effectively.

  1. Our Team

Large team of highly qualified and motivated recruiters with extensive experience in the area of IT Resource Management. Our team bridges the gap between the client and the consultant by understanding both their needs and making it a “win-win” situation.

  1. Our Recruiting methodology

Understands the need for quality and a quick turnaround time to meet the  clients resourcing requirements. Our team maintains a unique in house database that is a result of our past experience in mapping the resources to our client’s requirements. Our team leverages this database to ensure that an additional layer of quality screening is built into our process of identifying the right candidate, thus increasing the quality and precision of our shortlist and reducing the turnaround time to recruit a candidate for our clients.